NordVPN DNS a Top-Class Tool You Need to Have Now

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NordVPN DNS is an excellent tool for users who attach great importance to anonymity and security, and Virtual Private Network is best suited. Following the “policy of zero registration of user actions”, existing since 2008, customer data is not registered. Combining dual encryption in virtual private network connections and proxies, the virtual individual network client provides secure and anonymous browsing of the Internet in a decentralized Tor network. DNS resolver provides secure queries; all servers and locations have protection against DDoS attacks. Thanks to the emergency shutdown feature, users gain access to a reliable connection. If desired, customers can pay for the services of the virtual private network client anonymously using bitcoins.

Users can contact Virtual Private Network Support via interactive chat, via e-mail or via the feedback form. Inquiries are answered within a maximum of 24 hours.

More and more companies offer their customers a variety of multimedia content and among them are:

  • Amazon
  • Netflix
  • Sky

Many series and formats are available only through services for viewing online broadcasts. Often, new episodes of your favorite TV shows are not yet available in other countries; you can only watch them in the United States due to licensing issues. The same problem arises when broadcasting many American sports competitions. IP blocking does not allow access from your country to broadcasts. Along with Amazon Prime Video and Netflix, broadcasters in the US and the UK block access from other countries.

Is it really so powerful?

Using a virtual private network client, users can change their IP address, and hence their virtual location, or hide their real position. Thus, they are in a virtually selected country and bypass IP blocking. For content providers of webcasts and sites, it looks as if virtual private network users are in the US, and therefore they are provided

Virtual Private Network has more than 1000 servers at its disposal, of which 250 powerful servers are located only in the USA. Thanks to the maximum download speed of up to 99 Mbps and an unlimited amount of data, you can also watch high-quality content with a resolution of 4000. Virtual Private Network has modern Smart Play technology, which provides direct access to the entire content. Users automatically receive a dynamic IP address due to the significant number of free addresses and can purchase a dedicated IP address for an additional fee. You can use the client simultaneously with a maximum of 6 different devices, such as computers, tablets, smartphones and game consoles. For mobile devices, an application is available.

The virtual private network encrypts all traffic. In addition to this standard feature, users who pay great attention to anonymity and security on the Internet can still take advantage of exclusive features: using high-quality 256-bit encryption can replace server links with two server nodes, then they are encrypted on both ends. This dual encryption is military-grade and supports the highest standards of anonymity and security. Virtual Private Network uses DNS resolver technology to prevent unencrypted DNS queries outside of the virtual private network tunnel.

This virtual private network service provider only works with its own DNS servers. This ensures anonymity and control over data at any time. Customer data is not saved. Thanks to the emergency shutdown, users can pre-determine which programs and sites will automatically close when the connection is completed. This prevents the identification of such websites or applications.