Education in the USA

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The educational system of the USA is characterized by flexibility and democracy. Although there is a wide range of diverse educational programs, students of all levels have the opportunity to choose the subjects they want to study or even to change the specialization entirely. Even inside one university, they can change faculties many times, study new disciplines or create their educational program.

Educational structure of each American state is unique in its way. Each state can define it autonomously depending on its own needs. But there are some essential principles for every country, among them are self-government, self-financing and others allowed independent actions. What does the autonomous educational structure mean? The Committee of each state develops the regional educational policy, establishes the necessary standards of study programs, distributes appropriation among the school districts, defines the qualification requirements for teachers and takes care of logistic support. So the most important questions are at the state discretion ? what to teach about, how much to pay on studying, how to measure the knowledge of students, which textbooks to use and many others. The concept of education in the USA is always based on the society requirements, the development of the economy, the progress of each particular state. The prime example of this point is Harvard, one of the most famous universities in the world.

The educational system of the USA is devoted to nurturing and developing talents. Americans start to nurture talents from the youngest age. Parents are worried about the quality of their child?s school and can even change the residence for a good school because they believe that everything starts from childhood. And there is a definite pattern in the USA that works ? a better education have, a higher salary you get.

The educational system of the USA has THREE MAIN LEVELS:

  1.      Preschool education (3-5 years old)
  2.      Compulsory education (5-18 years old). It is divided into elementary, middle and high schools.
  3.      Higher education (18-22)

HIGHER EDUCATION OF THE USA earns special attention, at least because it attracts the most significant amount of students from abroad. The most numerous student communities count hundreds of thousands of people (for example the general number of people in Indian and Chinese cities is a half million.

In contrast to other countries, there are many private universities in the USA. They provide with excellent programs and give the opportunity to get great practical specializations, even the rare ones. A significant benefit of American universities is their tight connection with scientific-research activities. They have turned to research centers, which had established contacts with industry, banking area and other educational centers of the world. And such system works without any notifications, universities of the USA are always in the top five universities of the world.

Besides, the country is always open to international students and provides with many varied educational programs. Perhaps the educational system of the USA is a clear sample of the best one. It is not easy to find a person who will refuse the opportunity to study in the USA.